The Title of Liberty

For my first official blog entry I thought I would elaborate on the statement at the top of this page.

Long ago these words were raised above the walls of every city within a nation whose freedoms were threatened by those who sought to overthrow the government of the land. Had they succeeded, the right of the people to practice their religion would have been lost. And so this banner was raised as a reminder to the people of all that was at stake in this struggle for power. Many thousands flocked to this standard, and they defeated those evil men whose intent it was to rob them of their God given rights. Thousands of years later we are called to this same standard. “In memory of our God, our religion , and freedom, and our peace, our wives and our children.”

These words saved a nation. Perhaps today they can save ours. Let these words be our cry as we stand up for our morals and our beliefs.  This banner, which inspired everyday people to rise up in defense of thier freedom, was called The Title of Liberty.

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